Creative Insider’s Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that giving time of the year again, and we’re setting out with all the good intentions, want to buy from independent brands, determined not to resort to body soap this year. But...oh my, aren’t we all so busy trying to finish off everything before the years end. And endless browsing through Instagram or Etsy, well just takes time. So to save you the effort here it is our indie Christmas Gift Guide curated by the creative for the creative.


Above & Beyond Hell Yeah Mug

Above & Beyond Hell Yeah Mug

“Can I nail the next big presentation?” Hell Yeah! “Have I still got it?” Hell Yeah!
Typographically pleasing and emotionally affirmative — Above & Beyond’s Hell Yeah Mug is perfect for nurturing your creative soul. To seal the deal, it’s even loved by Ed Miliband on the Guardian.



Wrappu™ Giftboxes

Wrappu giftbox bleu set

Make your presents look even more impressive with Wrappu™ giftboxes. They are designed to delight, with bold colours for the eyes and beautiful forms for the hands. Great alternative to the usual wrapping paper. All Wrappu™ giftboxes come in flat pack, pre-creased and ready to fold up. What’s more they come with a matching gift card, stickers and tissue paper – totally ready to give.

€7.50 each 


Chimps Tea Party Sprout Enamel Pin

Chimps Tea Party Sprout Enamel Pin

Who could ever start Christmas without brussel sprouts? Whether you love them or hate them, this pin is a subtle quirky way to add a bit of Christmas flair to your outfit.



Ordinary Luminary Lightning Bolt Keyring

Orginary Luminary Lightning Bolt Keyring

Ordinary Luminary is a brand-new independent boutique in London. Bespokely designed and individually handmade, these beautiful charms/keyrings, which come with a special edition miniature neon orange lightning bolt charm will add a touch of pop art style and postmodernist attitude to bags or keys.



Alternative Aesthetics The Noise Bringer Guitar

Alternative Aesthetics The Noise Bringer Guitar

This mystical guitar was born from the tortured souls of two famously fictional, conjoined twin blues musicians, giving it the ultimate gritty tone that’ll make any riff sound extra dirty. Forged by hand, this cigar box guitar is guaranteed to beguile anyone that hears its howl. Its four devilish strings are tuned to growl in an open G (GDGB), which is known to rattle your bones.



MuriHome Stegosaurus Gold Christmas Tree Ornament

Muri Home Stegosaurus Dinosaur Gold Christmas Tree Ornament

Just because you have a child, it doesn’t mean your style should go out of the window. Christmas is no exception – No garish colours nor messy typography. This Stegosaurus has been hand tastefully painted a vibrant gold and it is fitted with candy cane twine ready to go on your tree.



MAMIMU Laptop Tote Bags 

MAMIMU City Tote Laptop Bag

Last but not least our own MAMIMU Laptop tote bags. Perfect for the design-conscious folks who don’t want to compromise style for function. The unisex totes come with padded compartments for your laptop and handy pockets for all your bits and bobs. Lightweight, rainproof and perfect for travelling.