Design Process, Revealed!

MAMIMU’s core idea always has been ‘the joy of finding hidden delights in seemingly mundane everyday moments’, inspired by the philosophy of Japanese Kimono Artisans who found beauty in the ordinary fish scales, waves and cherry blossoms and distilled them into minimalist geometric patterns.

My Geometric Collection is no exception. From swimming pool in Hackneystore shutters in Shoreditch to ropes on the sandy beach in Bali, I found inspiration in the most ordinary places. I thought it would be fun to share my creative process and the joy of finding hidden delights. Hope you enjoy.

The Making of ‘Hackney Swimming Pool’ 

One Sunday morning I was staring at the swimming pool, getting bit bored. But gradually I discover shapes; the curvy white ripples reflecting the light on the water, the tile grid on the floor under water, some tiles are in darker colour to mark the starting line. The interplay between the organic and geometric elements can be interesting?

Hackney Swimming Pool

Then put a moodboard together taking inspiration from both Japanese and Western patterns. This is when I explore many ways of expressing the water in texture, shape and colour. 

MAMIMU Water Moodboard

After that it's time to sketch up some ideas — Fun, fun, fun! Thinking how to combine organic shapes with geometric shapes in harmony. Do I put them in a orderly manner or a more intuitive way? 

MAMIMU Hackney Swimming Pool Sketch

After lots of (yes, lots and lots!) exploration on colours, shapes, layering and crafting – Ta-da! Here is the result. Four colourways of bold and playful swimming pool prints are available in various sizes. They will sure brighten up your room.

MAMIMU Hackney Swimming Pool




June Mineyama-Smithson MAMIMUAbout the Author
MAMIMU (aka June Mineyama-Smithson) is a Japanese designer/artist based in London. She believes in the optimistic idea that inspiration can be found everywhere and creates witty and contemporary designs inspired by the seemingly mundane. Find out more.