Urban Nomads: Shimpei

Meet Shimpei – Easily the most stylish Japanese guy in London. In creatives’ playground Shoreditch, the Digital Art Director talks about his inspiration and favourite fashion brand.


Where are you from, where have you been and where are you now?

I have been in London for more than 10 years (I have completely lost count), used to live in Tokyo, originally from Nagano, Japan.

What’s your passion? 

I have been interested in the sources of creative inspiration and the creation process of an artist. ‘Where does inspiration come from?’, ‘when does the creative process kick in?’. I have been working on a digital showcase project that delivers a little inspiration every day. Hopefully my project will lead me to an answer. I love anything digital, anything creative, anything fashiony. My job is to create visual/video assets which I also love!

Where is your favourite place to work?

In my garden annex. Put my favourite music on, have a cup of coffee then I'm in the 'zone'.


Apart from MAMIMU Laptop Tote, what is your favourite piece(s) you are wearing today?

I'm wearing my all time favourite coat which I bought 15 years ago in Tokyo. It's a Tei Johjima piece. I helped his show back in the day and since then I have been obsessed with his work. Beautiful treatment in detail. Great product never fades.

Laptop Tote Bag Collection