Urban Nomads: Addy

Meet Addy Walcott – An interior designer with a truly international background. He talks about his passion for problem-solving with design and a favourite drinking hole in Shanghai.


Where are you from, where have you been and where are you now?

Addy grew up in the UK

Addy studied and lived in London for 15 years before moving to the Middle East and Asia


Born in Guyana, South America. Brought up in the UK. Lived in Trinidad. Studied and lived in London for 15 years. Worked many years in Dubai, then Shanghai, Singapore and now Hong Kong!

What’s your passion? 

Addy is an interior designer who specialising in brand environments
Addy helps his clients to create full brand experiences


I am an interior designer who specialising in brand environments, creating total brand experiences, be it in retail, exhibitions or hospitality. I love the all essential problem solving aspect of design, finding the purpose, extracting the story then making it look stunning.

Can tell us your favorite secret spot(s) in your favourite city? 

Mokkos Shanghai
Mokkos, Shanghai (photo: Time Out)

Mokkos, Shanghai. My much missed local drinking hole. Best described as a Korean Soju, Tibetan lesbian, reggae, live music bar in Shanghai.

Addy is carrying: