Urban Nomads: Venus

Meet Venus – a homegrown Hong Konger. The multi-talented creative is a part designer, a part public speaker and also a living comedy. She talks about her passion for Japanese cult comedy and her favourite social enterprise cafe by Hong Kong’s Central harbourfront.


Where are you from, where have you been and where are you now?

I am from the planet Venus, similar to le petit prince, born with 6 fingers. Now I earn my bread and butter in Hong Kong as a UXUI designer.


What’s your passion?

One of Venus's comedy passion: ‘Chichen Attack’ with magnificent Japanese yodel

1. Meditation and Mediation.
2. Strike a balance of internal harmony and external excitement. 
3. Become an inspiring comedian, like Jenny Slate. 
4. Having peer to sing ‘Chicken Attack’ along with me. Pay it forward.


Where is your favourite place to work?

As a digital nomad, I am up for anywhere with cool ventilation, free wifi and excellent coffee. Plus, I love to be in a place in which people could laugh at my jokes. I am practicing with my colleagues now. 


Can tell us your favorite secret spot in your favourite city?

Cafe8, Central Peer 8
Cafe 8 at Central ferry pier, Hong Kong


Cafe 8, a social enterprise rooftop cafe, right above Hong Kong Maritime Museum by Central ferry pier :-) Go there! You will be surprised in a good way. 


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