Urban Nomads: Chris

Meet Chris – A fashion buyer and a model from Hong Kong. She talks about what it’s like to get paid to shop, her passion for food and childhood with the 80s Western pop music.


Where are you from, where have you been and where are you now?

I am a 100% traditional Hongkongese born and bred and am still in Hong Kong now. My family, especially my father, is very much into Western music and movies, so I was brought up listening to all those in the apartment and his car. I still remember I was dancing to Modern Talking when I was small - German disco pop from the 80s.
Modern Talking
As a child, Chris danced to 80s German disco pop Modern Talking 


What’s your passion? 

I am the womenswear buyer at kapok and everyone said I have the best job in the world...I kinda agree, minus the numbers part (she laughs). because my job is literally shopping. I love it when you get to plan your wardrobe ahead, travel for fashion, meet interesting people etc. kapok is like my dream wardrobe, and my goal is to make it the dream wardrobe of all the girls! I just have to be careful not putting all of my salary back to the shop!
Kapok Sun Street Hong Kong
Kapok, Hong Kong, where Chris works as a womenswear buyer

apart from my job, I love cooking and yoga. My boyfriend and I are running a private kitchen through a social dining platform called Plate Culture.
Chris runs Plate Culture; a social private kitchen project 

Can tell us your favorite secret spot in your favourite city?

Ronin in Hong Kong remains my favorite restaurant since they have opened.
Ronin Hong Kong
Ronin, Hong Kong (Photo: hk.asiatatler.com)

Apart from MAMIMU Laptop Tote, what is your favourite piece(s) you are wearing today?

I just realised that i am actually wearing both my top and flared skirt by Betina Lou, is my all time favourite brand from montreal. i love the retro feminine touch it has on a classic silhouette.

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