Urban Nomads: Henki

Meet Henki Leung – Creative Director at Airside Nippon. With his charming and humourous style, he has helped many blue chip companies like Dentsu and Google as well as creative and cultural clients in the UK and Japan. In his Tokyo office, Henki talks about his passion in creative and a favourite place to watch people passing by in Asia. 


Where are you from, where have you been and where are you now?

Airside Nippon for Fast Company
Henki started his design career in London and now works as a Creative Director at Airside Nippon, Tokyo


Made in England. My family was originally from Hong Kong which makes me a BBC (British Born Chinese). Grew up in West Berkshire and I started my design career working in London for 10 years. Having helped launch Airside Nippon in Japan I am now based in Tokyo.

What’s your passion? 

Henki is passionate about helping clients with playful visual communications 


Creating playful designs and directing animation is my job. And being able to do what I love in Japan successfully has been a dream come true. I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many creative minded clients here in Japan from small companies to mega corporations. Examples of our projects can be found on www.airside.jp

Can tell us your favorite secret spot(s) in your favourite city? 

Kopitiam by Wilai, Phuket
Kopitiam by Wilai, Phuket (photo: Trip Adviser)

I’ve just returned from my first trip to southeast Asia and I can’t stop thinking about a local restaurant I visited. It's called Kopitiam by Wilai in Phuket (map), Thailand. It has become my perfect place to eat, sit for hours and people watch.

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