Urban Nomads: Junta

Meet Junta Mitsugi – A UX designer and a musician from Yokohama, Japan. He talks about his passion for Tokyo creatives and his music experiments. He also reveals an unexpected insider music spot in Shibuya. 


Where are you from, where have you been and where are you now? 

I was born and bred in Yokohama. I was contemplating working abroad in order to escape Japan’s late night working culture. In the end – after wandering about in Canada – I found an ideal job at Tacchi Studios, an international digital creative agency, in Shibuya, Japan.

What’s your passion? 

Canvas The Definitive Community for Creatives in Tokyo
Canvas, Tokyo Creative Community (image: Tacchi Studios)

I am a UX designer and a product manager for Canvas, the definitive online/offline community for Tokyo creatives. You can make an account wherever you are in the world to join our creative community. If you would like to create a Canvas community, feel free to get in touch


‘Mellow mind’ composed by Junta Mitsugi

My other passion is music. I started playing guitar when I was 14 and make music. Getting into composing electric music when I was about 22 and have been uploading my Abstract Hiphop and Dub onto Soundcloud.

I am in the process of making a solo ‘Neo Classical’  piano album.

Can tell us your favorite secret spot(s) in your favourite city? 

名曲喫茶ライオン Meikyoku Kissa Lion Classical Music Cafe
Lion the classical music cafe in Tokyo

May favourite spot is a classical music cafe called Lion (Meikyoku Kissa Lion) in Shibuya, Tokyo. I don’t usually listen to classical music, but this place gives me a chance to familiarise myself with such genre. Established in 1926, the cafe has the olde worlde feel as if you got there by a time machine. It’s pretty special.

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