‘Striking work.’ — Pattern Observer
‘Incredible Designer who finds magic in the mundane’ — Underpinned
‘Outstanding portfolio of pattern designs inspired by urban environments.’ — YCN


MAMIMU Sanur Ropes Pattern & Inspiration

Spreading Optimism through Bold Joyful Patterns

MAMIMU (aka June Mineyama-Smithson) is a Japanese designer/artist based in London. Inspired by the philosophy of Japanese Kimono artisans, she creates bold joyful patterns from seemingly mundane. MAMIMU’s work has been featured internationally on YCN, the Dots (UK), Cow Parade Niseko (Japan), Pattern Observer, Ello (USA) and SCMP, Milk (Hong Kong). 

Invited Artist – Cow Parade Niseko
Featured Artist – The Dots
Featured Artist – Ello
Artist of the week – Jaamzin

Watch this video to see what MAMIMU is all about. Produced by Underpinned


MAMIMU has been invited to talk at YOOX Net-a-Porter, ustwo, Design Manchester and TalkRADIO. Guest lecturer at London College of Communication and Savannah College of Art & Design Hong Kong.  If you want to book me for a talk, panel discussion and podcast, please get in touch.

MAMIMU June Mineyama-Smithson

MAMIMU Story: Moments of happiness can be found everywhere

18th century Japanese Kimono artisans found beauty in everyday life, from fish scales to tortoise shells, and distilled them into beautiful minimal patterns. Transplanting this idea into the 21st century, I draw inspiration from seemingly mundane scenery — from manhole covers in Tokyo, store shutters in Shoreditch to ropes on the beach in Bali — and create bold joyful patterns. 

My passion for colours and shapes started in my childhood. I grew up in Tokyo surrounded by joyful patterns throughout the 1970s-1980s. Sporting pattern clash at the age of 4, my childhood was filled with bold optimistic colours. 

Believing in the optimistic idea that inspiration can be found everywhere, I’m always on the look for hidden delights in everyday landscapes and interpret the joy of discovery in my design. I am also inspired by the postmodern idea of remixing existing elements to create new context.

The name MAMIMU comes from the sound of Japanese alphabet. It represents the regular rhythm (M/M/M) and irregular elements (A/I/U) in graphic patterns.  

MAMIMU Shoreditch Shutter Pattern & Inspiration

Inspiration & pattern for ‘Shoreditch Shutters’
MAMIMU Hackney Swimming Pool Pattern & Inspiration
Inspiration & pattern for ‘Hackney Swimming Pool’
Moodboard of Japanese kimono prints with different patterns


Japanese Kimono artisan found beauty in everyday life and distilled them into beautiful minimal patterns.

Moodboard of Japanese designer June Mineyama-Smithson and her childhood influences including colourful patterns of the 70s and 80s


Growing up in Tokyo surrounded by joyful patterns throughout the 1970s-1980s.


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