MAMIMU brings optimism and joy to Coventry, along with an impressive creative force including Morag Myerscough, Adam Nathaniel Furman and Gensler.

Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 invites glorious lineup of artists, designers, architects and makers for the city-wide creative regeneration programme.

Infinity Doors by MAMIMU (2021)

The Show Windows project is a series of window installations that act as a portal to another world by local and international artists.

London-based Japanese Artist MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson), The Show Windows Coventry
Infinity Doors by MAMIMU (2021)

Invitation to embrace the unknown

After the world experienced the pandemic and movements like Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate, I wanted to show empathy for how everyone is feeling. As we are cautiously opening up, there is a mixed feeling of forward-looking excitement as well as anxiety and fear. 

‘Infinity Doors’ invites the viewer to embrace the unknown — a concept inspired by Abraham Lincoln's quote “I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.” 

“I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.” — Abraham Lincoln

The doors represent barriers and prejudice that we break through one by one. It takes courage to step outside of the comfort zone but by doing so, we can step towards harmony.

Sustainable art

As a sustainable solution, transparent LED panels are used to project motion graphics. LEDs not only use a lot less energy compared to incandescent lights but also are recyclable.

In fact those very LED panels are going to be used for Liam Gallagher’s tour next!

Artist MAMIMU (June Mineyama-SMithson), Infinity Windows (2021), Coventry

Why Elephant and the Blue?

The coat of arms for Coventry depicts an elephant as a mighty beast that can carry even a castle. This is my interpretation of the symbol with origami-inspired elephant.

And the blue? Coventry was known for cloth dyed a particular shade of blue produced by woad, which referred as ‘True Blue’.

Impossible Triangle by MAMIMU
Fusuma (襖) Japanese sliding doors by MAMIMU


Art by MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson)
The Show Windows is curated by Charlie Levene, co-produced in partnership by Coventry City of Culture Trust, Coventry Business Improvement District, RIBA and funded by Arts Council England.

Motion Graphics & LED installation by Bluman Associates
Vinyl Production & installation by The Big Ink Tank

Photography by Theo Deproost

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