Lockdown Mindscape

‘Lockdown Mindscape’ is a visual documentation of how we are experiencing the global pandemic in 2020. I asked friend in various international locations to send their physical and introspective views. The result is a geometric interpretation of mixed emotions in a form of bilingual motion posters.

Lockdown Mindscape: New York & Shanghai

starting the series with two contrasting cities: Almost-back-to-normal Shanghai and BLM-protesting-in-lockdown New York.

Lockdown Mindscape: Berlin & California

How does the lockdown feels with a sense of direction in Berlin and sunshine in California?

Lockdown Mindscape: Tokyo & London

Stories from the two cities I call home: Tokyo (where I’m originally from) & London (where I live now). Ready Kyoko‘s feeling about the cancellation of Tokyo Olympics 2020 and my feeling from the Lockdown London window.

Lockdown Mindscape: Amsterdam & Taipei

contrasting cities from the east and west — Amsterdam in lockdown and business-as-usual Taipei.

Concept & Design: MAMIMU

I am MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson, a graphic designer/artist based in London. I love turning everyday inspiration into playful patterns that evoke an emotional response.

Originally from Tokyo and having lived in Hong Kong and London, I’ve developed a unique style that combines contemporary aesthetics with Asian sensibility.

Available for commissions and speaking opportunities.

Motion Design: Chris Sellars-Meadmore

Chris has over 10 years of experience in motion design, helping both big and boutique brands connect with people through animation. 

He specialises in motion theory and automated systems, helping brands connect to their audience on a micro level through motion language.

Trusted by some of the most recognised agencies in the world, Chris is always happy to help clients achieve their full motion potential.