Lockdown Mindscape Vol. 2: Berlin & California

Design & Concept: MAMIMU
Motion Design: Chris Meadmore

‘Lockdown Mindscape’ is a visual documentation of how we are experiencing COVID-19 globally. I asked 10 people in 10 locations worldwide to send their physical and introspective views. The result is MAMIMU’s interpretation of mixed emotions in a form of bilingual geometric posters.


MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: California

Joe’s View in California: Emotional Rollercoaster

“These days we have been on an emotional rollercoaster...The sun makes a big difference.”, says Joe Stitzlein, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Stitzlein Studio in the sunny Bay Area. The US is still in lockdown, but Joe is hopeful that the summer will bring the return of clients and seeing friends.

MAMIMU’s Approach

We all have ups and downs but the lockdown seems to magnify our feelings. I wanted to honour Joe's determination in always returning to the positive side by using sunshine orange as the main colour. When the canvas returns to pure orange, it feels like we can reset and start afresh.

MAMIMU London-based artist graphic designer
MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscope


MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Berlin

Sylvain’s View in Berlin: A Sense of Direction

“When I look through this window, I see a lot of geometry and some surprising combinations of colours, depending on the season. It makes me feel like I am in a village (in the context of Berlin being such a large city). It gives me a sense of direction because of the perspective. It calms me down.”, says Sylvain Lierre, a French marketeer in Berlin.

He shows incredible resilience by adding “a pandemic was not something that Berlin would get into a panic about. As a city, it has seen it all. While life might have slowed down, there was no fear to be felt."

MAMIMU’s Approach

From a designer’s perspective, the view from Sylvain’s window was simply a gift – Berlin's brutalist geometry, flat colours and a clocktower hinting at a sense of order...what's not to love!

The motion design reflects the sense of direction and calmness that Sylvain is feeling when he looks at the geometric shapes. It's a moment of clarity when the clock slows down and everything is in its right place.

Concept & Design: MAMIMU

I am MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson, a graphic designer/artist based in London. I love turning everyday inspiration into playful patterns that evoke an emotional response.

Originally from Tokyo and having lived in Hong Kong and London, I’ve developed a unique style that combines contemporary aesthetics with Asian sensibility.

Available for commissions and speaking opportunities.

Motion Design: Chris Sellars-Meadmore

Chris has over 10 years of experience in motion design, helping both big and boutique brands connect with people through animation. 

He specialises in motion theory and automated systems, helping brands connect to their audience on a micro level through motion language.

Trusted by some of the most recognised agencies in the world, Chris is always happy to help clients achieve their full motion potential.