Lockdown Mindscape Vol.4: Amsterdam & Taipei

Design & Concept: MAMIMU
Motion Design: Chris Sellars-Meadmore

MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Amsterdam & Taipei

‘Lockdown Mindscape’ is a visual documentation of how we are experiencing COVID-19 globally. I asked 10 people in 10 locations worldwide to send their physical and introspective views. The result is MAMIMU’s interpretation of mixed emotions in a form of bilingual geometric posters.

For Volume 4, contrasting cities from the east and west — Amsterdam in lockdown and business-as-usual Taipei.


Jeroen’s View in Amsterdam: Feeling Like We’re Being Given Extra Time

During the global pandemic June 2020

“The first wave of panic and paranoia was quite unreal. But now emotions have settled down and I am enjoying the time to reflect, and the rare sight of Amsterdam without tourists,” says Jeroen Krielaars, motion designer and founder of Animography.

Now that he has a positive spin on the situation, “I feel like I’ve been given extra time. Time to work on personal projects, to reflect, to just take a step out of the routine and discover new paths. And I think that it’s not only on a personal level, but it’s the same for humanity. At least I hope so. I’m optimistic.”

MAMIMU’s approach

I love Jeroen’s philosophical approach to lockdown; he took a step back and has gained a new perspective on a personal level as well as on a more holistic human level. With that new mindset, he could start to see something different than the usual view from his balcony in Midwest Amsterdam. 

The rising ‘Amsterdamse School’-style architecture represents a positive new beginning, while the sliding windows symbolise an opening to the new world, or even a ‘new normal’. 

MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Amsterdamse School
MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Amsterdam Windows


MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Taipei

Fangyu’s View in Taipei: Complicated Love Dichotomy

During the global pandemic June 2020

“The current situation in Taiwan is pretty normal, although a mask is a must,” says Cho Fang Yu, a Taiwanese photographer based in London. She went back to Taipei for her grandmother’s funeral in February, and is still awaiting a return flight to her home and husband in London.

“I think maybe my grandma asked me to come back for safety, but a break back in Taiwan wasn’t too bad. Though not seeing my husband (who is in London) has been difficult. It’s very complicated!”

MAMIMU’s approach

Fangyu was torn between her temporary life with her family and friends in almost-normal Taipei (Taiwan famously contained COVID-19 with significantly fewer cases than many other countries around the world) and her regular life with her husband in London, in lockdown. She obviously loves them both and wanted to be in those two places at the same time.

I wanted to express her dilemma in two contrasting colours. The floating white circles represent her two feelings for her family and her husband. When the circles come together in the middle, they reveal the flower petals of the orchid on her mother’s balcony. Orchids are a much-loved flower in Taiwan as they stand for ‘beauty’ and ‘virtuousness’.

There is a happy ending to this story. Fangyu was finally able to secure her flight back to London and is now with her husband after four months of being apart.

MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Taipei Circles
MAMIMU Lockdown Mindscape: Taipei Orchid

Concept & Design: MAMIMU

I am MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson, a graphic designer/artist based in London. I love turning everyday inspiration into playful patterns that evoke an emotional response.

Originally from Tokyo and having lived in Hong Kong and London, I’ve developed a unique style that combines contemporary aesthetics with Asian sensibility.

Available for commissions and speaking opportunities.

Motion Design: Chris Sellars-Meadmore

Chris has over 10 years of experience in motion design, helping both big and boutique brands connect with people through animation. 

He specialises in motion theory and automated systems, helping brands connect to their audience on a micro level through motion language.

Trusted by some of the most recognised agencies in the world, Chris is always happy to help clients achieve their full motion potential.