London Manhole Cow, Aizome Cow & Matsu Cow

Cow Parade is the world’s largest and most successful public art event that staged in over 75 cities worldwide since 1999. The Cows are painted by international artists – previously joined by Vivienne Westwood, David Lynch and Norman Foster – then the proceeding benefit non-profit organisations worldwide. 

MAMIMU was invited to Cow Parade Niseko, Japan, as one of 47 international artists, the commission was made possible by our generous sponsors, The Barn/Kimamaya Boutique Hotel (Japan) and Eight (Hong Kong).


Cow Parade Niseko MAMIMU Manhole Cow
Kimamaya x MAMIMU Cow Parade Niseko Posters


Joyful Patterns for a Good Cause

Cow parade Niseko featured 47 decorated cows which were displayed around the Niseko area, Hokkaido from June to October 2015.

The London Manhole Cow (auction no. 41) was successfully bidded and the proceeding was donated to “Shine On! Kids” charity to support children with cancer and other serious illnesses in Japan.

We enjoyed this project so much knowing that our joyful patterns were used for a good cause.

MAMIMU Cow Parade Niseko Collaboration
MAMIMU Cow Parade Niseko Commission
MAMIMU Cow Parade Niseko Matsu Cow
MAMIMU Cow Parade Niseko Aizome Cow
Cow Parade Niseko, MAMIMU London Manhole Cow

Let’s Collaborate

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