MAMIMU London Manhole Covers

18th century traditional kimono artisans found inspiration in everyday life, such as the natural beauty of fish scales, flora and tortoise shells, and distilled them into iconic patterns. 

Traditional Japanese Kimono Patterns

manhole covers

I am an ardent believer that inspiration and moments of happiness is found everywhere, and that beauty can be discovered in the most ordinary of places. So I transplanted the philosophy of Japanese artisans into the 21st century and created the manhole collections. 

MAMIMU Manhole Covers Tokyo

MAMIMU Manhole Covers New York

I collected the visual references from the world’s most creative cities – London, Tokyo and New York – and started to remix them. The result is a capsule collection of minimal geometric patterns filled with a bold joyful feeling.

The manhole collection is available in Laptop Tote Bags and Art Prints.