MAMIMU Tokyo Love

I have been exploring the visual language of LOVE. I was particularly interested in using different forms of dots and lines because in Japan they say a red string is connecting you with ”the one” from the moment you were born. So romantic.

I also wanted to combine the letters from English alphabet and Japanese. So I designed my kanji 愛 (love) with a love heart in the middle as if it's skipping with joy to express the magical feeling of having someone special in the world.

MAMIMU Sketches

Sketches to explore the dots and lines and how they could join.


Skipping Heart

Sketch for love heart to be in part of the Kanji character 愛 (love).


MAMIMU Making of LOVE 愛 SketchingSketching 愛 (love) on Illustrator with a love heart in the middle. I wanted to strike a balance between being geometric and organic with a slanted angle. It it's too straight, it's not playful enough to express joy but if it's too organic it would get too messy.

MAMIMU Love Japanese Style Black & White

Combining letter form and patterns.

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